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There are some...very odd goings on outside today, it seems.

Lady Juliet, Lord Romeo...I do not think it wise to stray from the Opera House this day.


...there is a bird on the corner of my bed.

Not just a bird. A daemon.

...I beg your pardon?

A daemon. Your soul, Curio.

...ah. I see.


Hn. The Opera House has some interesting residents, it seems...


I wonder how you stand it sometimes, Sir Fakir.

Lady Juliet, do try not to get too close to this one, though he seems to go more for nuns, but you can never be too sure.

You, sir, this is the only warning I will give you.

Get within three feet of the Lady Juliet and you will come out with more than your fair share of bruises, cuts and broken bones. And you will also be tossed out a window. Do I make myself clear?


[voice post]

....this is not Neo Verona.

[ooc: um...he likes to point out the obvious? Someone let him know Juliet's here before he gets angry xD Oh, and he's standing, ironically, right in front of the Opera Abandonded with his back to it.]